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Barnsley Butterfly Atlas project

Butterflies in Barnsley borough have generally been well recorded over the decades, however the last butterfly atlas showing their distribution and abundance locally was published in 1999! As a result we have only patchy data locally to analyse and monitor any significant trends of key species during the last 18 years, that’s where YOU can … Continue reading


Within an area roughly eight miles from north to south and 17 miles from east to west, the richness of the biodiversity of Barnsley owes its existence to the area’s landscapes and range of habitats. These result from differences in soils, geology, altitude, rainfall and not least changes introduced by man. We have recently refreshed the … Continue reading

Species in Barnsley Biodiversity Plan

There are a number of differences with the previous Local Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) in how we are dealing with identifying local priority species. The main difference is that we are including in our Local Biodiversity Action Plan as a local priority, any species identified as a priority species nationally that regularly breeds or overwinters in … Continue reading

Willow Tit survey

Willow Tit appears to be well established in Barnsley and the Dearne Valley when compared to other parts of the country where they have vanished or declined.   Pete Wall arranged a workshop in January 2015 to make arrangements for producing better records of Willow Tit in the Dearne Valley Nature Improvement Area: ‘the most … Continue reading

Revised Barnsley Biodiversity Action Plan – Priority Bird Species

In the priority bird species section of the Local Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) we have included as a local priority, any bird species identified as a priority species nationally that regularly breeds or overwinters in Barnsley – or potentially could do so. All of the national priority bird species are also on the red list, the highest … Continue reading