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Revised Barnsley Biodiversity Plan (BAP)

We want to let everyone know about the work done to revise the Biodiversity Plan, the additional information provided, and the new priorities and approaches adopted. You can see the revised sections of the Biodiversity Action Plan at: The sections on woodlands have been recently revised. We would like your comments. Please give them … Continue reading

Barnsley Biodiversity – a general meeting for all those interested

  Barnsley Biodiversity meetings are an opportunity to network and exchange news about what is happening locally for biodiversity. Everyone is welcome. We have a meeting on Tuesday 13 February at 7pm at Barnsley Town Hall. There will be a number of updates and reports as well as a session on the way ahead to … Continue reading


We have recently refreshed our information on biological records and the Barnsley Biological Records Centre. It includes information on how to send in records of wildlife and how to ask for records and information. The information can be found at We would welcome your comments. Is there more information that you would like? Is … Continue reading


Within an area roughly eight miles from north to south and 17 miles from east to west, the richness of the biodiversity of Barnsley owes its existence to the area’s landscapes and range of habitats. These result from differences in soils, geology, altitude, rainfall and not least changes introduced by man. We have recently refreshed the … Continue reading


Barnsley’s rich and diverse countryside includes areas of particular importance for wildlife. There are sites in Barnsley that have important, distinctive and threatened habitats and species. Some sites are recognised nationally and given legal protection. Others have been identified as having local signficance but don’t have the same level of protection. We have recently refreshed … Continue reading

Species in Barnsley Biodiversity Plan

There are a number of differences with the previous Local Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) in how we are dealing with identifying local priority species. The main difference is that we are including in our Local Biodiversity Action Plan as a local priority, any species identified as a priority species nationally that regularly breeds or overwinters in … Continue reading

BBT workshop on biodiversity plan

A workshop on the revised Barnsley Biodiversity Plan was held in May at RSPB Old Moor, The comments made and ideas suggested are being incorporated in the plan and are being made available on line. We want to let everyone know about the work done to revise the Biodiversity Plan, the additional information provided, and the new … Continue reading