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Barnsley Butterfly Atlas project

Butterflies in Barnsley borough have generally been well recorded over the decades, however the last butterfly atlas showing their distribution and abundance locally was published in 1999! As a result we have only patchy data locally to analyse and monitor any significant trends of key species during the last 18 years, that’s where YOU can … Continue reading

The decline of the Willow Tit in the UK has made it a conservation priority species. Geoff Carr and Jeff Lunn have published a study in British Birds reporting on the apparent increase in the breeding population of Willow Tit in Barnsley and the Dearne Valley over the last 25 years. [See previous post on Willow … Continue reading

Barnsley biological records centre celebrates its 200,000th record

200,000 Biological Records have been submitted to Barnsley Local Records Centre in the last 5 years! Barnsley Biological Records Centre (BBRC) is celebrating its recent 200,000th record, a major achievement since it was only established by Barnsley Council in 2011. This success is due to all who have contributed with sightings and field records and … Continue reading

HLF Biodiversity in schools project closing event

          Great session on Saturday 26 November 2017 with volunteers and school representatives bringing the HLF funded Biodiversity in Schools project to a close. Thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund for their three years funding from 2013 to 2016. And to our volunteers for all they have done in school grounds. … Continue reading

Revised BAP introduction

Our introduction to the Barnsley Biodiversity Action Plan has been revised with links to the most recent State of Nature reports. You can see the revised introduction to the Barnsley Biodiversity Action Plan at: We would like your comments – which you can give on this post.


We have recently refreshed our information on biological records and the Barnsley Biological Records Centre. It includes information on how to send in records of wildlife and how to ask for records and information. The information can be found at We would welcome your comments. Is there more information that you would like? Is … Continue reading

Revised Barnsley Biodiversity Plan (BAP)

We want to let everyone know about the work done to revise the Biodiversity Plan, the additional information provided, and the new priorities and approaches adopted. You can see the revised sections of the Biodiversity Action Plan at: We would like your comments. Please give them here or via the links on each page of the … Continue reading

Barnsley Biodiversity Trust meeting on Tuesday 16 February 2016

Good Barnsley Biodiversity Trust meeting on Tuesday 16 February. These meetings are always an opportunity to network and exchange news about what is happening locally for biodiversity. This particular meeting was the annual general meeting and included reports and the election of some trustees. We heard from Trevor Mayne about his work for Barnsley Council as biodiversity officer and about … Continue reading

Previously developed land

Barnsley Biodiversity Plan revised section on brownfield sites and the priority habitat open mosaic habitat on previously developed land. Comments welcome.

Standing water

Barnsley Biodiversity Plan revised section on standing water. This includes lakes, reservoirs, ponds, pools, subsistence flashes, water-filled ditches, and canals.  Comments welcome.