BAP - Biodiversity Plan, BBT meetings

Barnsley Biodiversity – a general meeting for all those interested


Barnsley Biodiversity meetings are an opportunity to network and exchange news about what is happening locally for biodiversity. Everyone is welcome.

We have a meeting on Tuesday 13 February at 7pm at Barnsley Town Hall.

There will be a number of updates and reports as well as a session on the way ahead to promote Barnsley’s biodiversity.

As the meeting is the annual general meeting, there will be the opportunity to elect trustees.

You can come along as an individual or as a representative of a group or organisation. Please let us know if you can come or indeed if you can’t but would like to be invited by email in future.

Barnsley Biodiversity Trust is made up of individual members and representatives of organisations with an interest in biodiversity in Barnsley. Together we raise awareness of biodiversity and promote the conservation of local wildlife and habitats.

Please remember that you can read more about Barnsley Biodiversity and the revisions being made to the Barnsley Biodiversity Action Plan on our website: with more news on Twitter @Barnsleybiodiv and on Facebook | Barnsley Biodiversity



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